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Thread Lift vs. Face Lift — Which Is Right for You?

Thread Lift vs. Face Lift — Which Is Right for You?

Cosmetic procedures are done for various reasons, with some individuals looking for anti-aging benefits while others search for ways to keep their skin in mint condition. Lifting procedures such as thread lifts and facelifts are some of the most popular ways people attempt to reduce wrinkles and combat sagging skin, but how can someone decide which option fits them best? 

At Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa, we have performed plenty of face and thread lifts and are well-equipped to inform anyone looking to explore the pros and cons of these procedures. With our help, you can dive into the intricacies of a thread or facelift surgery and find the right one for your needs.

Face Lifts

Facelifts are surgical procedures to lift and tighten your facial tissues and can include anything from smoothing wrinkles to removing excess skin. Facelifts usually focus around the lower area of the face and neck and are the premier procedure for someone who wants to combat the signs of aging.

An individual can get three primary options: mini facelifts, mid-facelifts, and non-surgical facelifts. Each choice has its pros and cons, and the one selected will depend on the area you want to focus on and other considerations made by the surgeon.

Thread Lifts

Thread lifts are a minimally invasive procedure that serves as an alternative to traditional facelifts. Thread lifts tighten the skin by pulling up on your skin with medical-grade threads. Thread lifts were first completed around the 1900s, focusing on individuals around 30-50 years of age. They also benefit individuals who aren’t medically approved for facelifts, delivering similar results in a safer way. 

The Best Parts About a Face Lift

Facelifts are the premier cosmetic enhancement surgery, providing plenty of long-lasting benefits that any individual would enjoy. A comprehensive facelift targets plenty of areas and does an amazing job of taking years off clients’ faces. Channel your inner self and dive into the pros of a facelift. 

Amazing Results

One big benefit of facelifts is how well they combat the anti-aging effects. Facelifts can eliminate loose jowls that enhance your jawline and tighten up sagging skin around the face. It can also target deep creases and tighten loose skin around the neck area. 


Facelifts are long-lasting procedures, giving individuals up to 10 years of benefits. Facelifts are the perfect solution for older individuals who want results fast without having to go under the knife every few years. 

Pairs Well With Other Cosmetic Surgeries

If you’re considering other facial procedures, facelifts won’t present much of a problem. In fact, you can pair facelifts with other operations like brow lifts or eyelid surgeries to reduce recovery time and create better results. 

The Best Parts About a Thread Lift

Are you looking to reduce wrinkles and aging without a large commitment? A thread lift is your go-to! Thread lifts deliver immediate results without a long recovery time. Explore the best parts about thread lifts and what makes them great options for men and women looking to fight aging. 

Quick and Easy

In record time, thread lifts can treat many areas, including ears, jaw, cheeks, and cheekbones. You’ll be in and out of the office in less than an hour with a new look. It’s why many have dubbed the thread lift the “lunchtime facelift.” 

Minimally Invasive

Are you looking for a procedure that doesn’t require an intense surgical procedure? A thread lift is less invasive than a facelift, meaning you won’t have to worry about deep cuts and high pain levels. The incisions are virtually invisible, and thread lifts give your face a firmer look.

Shorter Recovery Time

Spend less time in bed recovering with a thread lift. If you want immediate results that you’re sure to love, turn to a tread lift. The individual can go right back to regular life immediately, avoiding the 2-week recovery period associated with a facelift. 

How to Pick the One that Works Best for You

As you can see, both options present different benefits, and each individual will put weight on these factors differently. So how can you choose one that is right for you? Start by considering your rejuvenation goals. Are you looking for a more temporary solution, or do you value the ability to try another surgery after a few years? Keep in mind your age, as older individuals may not want to go under local anesthesia or may desire the benefits of the stronger facelift procedure. You should also consider additional factors like your budget and skin physiology and talk to your surgeon about any other personal specifications that may impact your decision. 

Thread Lift or Face Lift, Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa Is the Right Medical Practice for You

Thread lifts and facelifts are different procedures intended to deliver similar results. Choosing between both solid options can be difficult, but what shouldn’t be tough is who you consult for the operation. Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa is the right medical practice for all your needs, providing quality non-surgical facelifts in NJ and top-of-the-line thread lifts from Dr. Gregory Scimeca and the team. Contact our skin care experts to learn more about our variety of services — from skin rejuvenation techniques to laser treatments — and schedule a visit to begin your anti-aging process today!

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