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Muscular Enhancement | Build Abs and Glutes with Evolve

We now have the ability to target specific areas like the abdominals and buttocks to build and refine the look of muscle with the Evolve-Tone device. Evolve-Tone works by employing electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions, far greater than can be achieved by exercise alone. The hands-free applicators work to increase muscle strength and enhance and refine the look of muscles in the target area.


Evolve-Tone is a painless hand-free non-invasive procedure that builds muscle and destroys fat through high intensity electric muscle stimulation (EMS), improving body contour and shape, through muscle-sculpting and muscle building. By using high-intensity EMS, 20,000 supramaximal contractions can be induced in just 30 minutes to the abdominal muscles, equivalent to 20 years of sit-ups.


The buttocks can also be targeted in a similar fashion. With once or twice-weekly treatments, the size of the muscle fibers increases (hypertrophy) and the number of muscle fibers increases (hyperplasia), improving muscle tone and refining muscle contour.

Candidates for Evolve-Tone include those with a collection of abdominal fat, thigh fat or a flat sagging buttocks. Patients with more than 1 inch of fat are not good candidates since any increase in muscle tone or contour will not be visible. Patients with a cardiac or bladder pacemaker are also not candidates.

Patients can see up to a 20% increase in muscle mass and can resume their regular activities immediately, including high impact sports. Evolve-Tone is ideal for both men and women and all skin types.

Evolve-Tone gives off high intensity focused electric energy. It is cleared for use by the FDA. The energy is non-ionizing, does not cause cancer in cells, does not give off radiation, does not affect nerve tissue, blood vessels or any other tissue in the body except the targeted muscle and fat. There is no effect on the underlying tissues below the muscle.