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Clear Lift

ClearLift is a painless non-ablative approach to laser skin resurfacing. Lumiere Med Spa is able to offer patients laser skin resurfacing treatments that are fast and painless with visible results with no downtime.


In fact, ClearLift is often referred to as the “Lunchtime facelift” Fast Treatment Time- a typical treatment will take 20 minutes or less. No pre-treatment numbing medication is required.


Painless- patients typically feel a painless warming sensation during treatment.


No Downtime- patients can resume their regular activities immediately after treatment


All skin types can be treated (Fitzpatrick 1-VI)


ClearLift is ideal for patients who desire skin resurfacing without the usual post-treatment downtime associated with traditional skin resurfacing treatments.


ClearLift patients report visible results in skin appearance with the first treatment.


The ClearLift Q-switched YAG laser offers the versatility to treat different levels of the skin by employing different treatment tips. One tip can be utilized for the face while another can be used to treat the décolleté.