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NonSurgical Body Contouring – Lipolysis

Non Surgical Body Contouring

Non-Surgical Lipolysis

Nonsurgical body contouring can reshape your body and remove stubborn fat pockets without the rigors of surgery.

Patients often would like to pursue fat reduction and body contouring without undergoing the discomfort and downtime of a surgical procedure. It’s not uncommon for patients in relatively “good shape” to have stubborn pockets of fat that they would like to eliminate. There are basically four types of nonsurgical procedures to contour the body and remove fat.


What is Lipolysis?


The process of destroying fat cells is known as lipolysis,  and there are numerous forms of lipolysis to achieve non-invasive non-surgical body contouring.


  • Cryolipolysis employes using freezing temperatures to target and destroy fat cells in selected areas of the body
  • Radiofrequency lipolysis uses controlled heating to destroy fat cells
  • Injection lipolysis uses deoxycholic acid (Kybella) to target fat cells
  • Laser lipolysis uses controlled heating with a diode laser to deep heat and destroy fat cells


Nonsurgical body contouring procedures are not intended to be a solution to weight loss. That can be best achieved through diet and exercise. The best candidates for body contouring procedures are patients at or close to their ideal body weight, but have stubborn pockets of fat that remain despite diet and exercise.


Advantages of Nonsurgical Body Contouring:


  • minimal downtime
  • minimally invasive or noninvasive
  • minimal discomfort
  • less costly than invasive procedures
  • few side effects, which are short lived


Every patient is different, so the best way to find out if you are a good candidate for nonsurgical body contouring is to consult with a qualified provider. They will help you decide the best treatment options to address your concerns.