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A Variety of Laser Skin Treatments in South Jersey

Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa is pleased to offer a wide variety of laser skin treatments for South Jersey and Bucks County, PA, residents to address a range of cosmetic conditions.


Treatment Areas Include:

Clearlift Lunchtime Facial

Laser Hair Removal

Tattoo Removal

Age Spot Removal

Lesion Removal

Acne Treatment

Laser Treatments in New Jersey

Lunchtime Facelift

Laser Hair Removal

Tattoo Removal

Age Spot Removal

Lesion Removal

Acne Treatment

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars in South Jersey


Have you been struggling with acne scars? Then Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa can help. Our laser treatments for acne scars remove the layer of dead skin cells to reveal the rejuvenated skin underneath. Our laser treatments make acne scars far less noticeable, in addition to being less painful and itchy.


Laser Treatment for Dark Spots


Our laser skin treatments in South Jersey can also help get rid of the dark brown spots. This process works by shining light onto the dark areas of the skin using an intense laser. Once the treated location absorbs too much energy, it will die off. Laser treatment for dark spots is an effective method that can quickly remove this brown pigmentation and offers long-lasting results.


Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal


Did you know that laser treatments can also get rid of tattoos? The pigmentation can be broken up and destroyed using powerful light beams, meaning that black-colored tattoos—which absorb the most light—are the easiest to remove. Laser treatment for tattoo removal may take multiple sessions but is less invasive than other methods.


Pigmentation Laser Treatment


With the help of our laser treatments for pigmentation, you can say goodbye to freckles and similar blemishes. Pigmentation laser treatments offer individuals a means to restore their skin after experiencing hyperpigmentation. Unlike other methods available, pigmentation laser treatments are much safer for patients than traditional forms of skin treatments.


Laser Stretch Mark Treatment


Nobody wants to live with stretch marks. But with our laser skin treatments in South Jersey, you won’t have to. Laser technology remains the most effective way to treat stretch marks without surgery. During laser stretch mark treatment, the concentrated light smoothes out the scars and promotes healthy skin growth in that area.


Laser Hair Treatment


Do you have unwanted body hair? Then our laser hair treatment can help. Laser technology can successfully remove body hair and can treat a wide range of hair types.


CO2 Laser Treatments


Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa treats numerous skin conditions with the assistance of carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. CO2 laser treatments can take care of wrinkles, warts, scars, and countless other conditions.


Laser Face Treatments


Lasers are an effective way to correct any skin issues you have on your face. We offer safe laser face treatments for patients looking to remove facial blemishes. Our staff takes all the necessary precautions to ensure any laser treatment on your face is handled properly.


Laser Skin Treatment for South Jersey and Bucks County, PA, Residents


Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa is home to dedicated and talented aestheticians who are eager to help patients like you. We also offer other cosmetic procedures, including Botox services and Hydrafacial facials.


Have a question about our laser skin treatments in South Jersey? Feel free to call us today to learn more and schedule your appointment.