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Botox Treatment and More in South Jersey

As we age and lose subcutaneous tissue under our skin, the muscles of the face move closer to the surface and exert their forces that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment and works by temporarily paralyzing these muscles. The result is a smoother, more youthful appearance to the skin.


Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa offers numerous Botox treatments for South Jersey and Bucks County, PA, residents. For further information, here’s an overview of our many Botox services and their benefits.


How Long Does Our Botox and Migraine Treatment in South Jersey Take?


Are you wondering how long our botox and migraine treatments in South Jersey take? After all, everyone has busy schedules they need to follow. Our botox medical treatments take about 10-15 minutes, and there is minimal discomfort with little or no bruising. However, you must avoid aspirin or other medications that cause blood thinning for several days prior to your appointment. You can also apply makeup immediately afterward and return to regular activities after several hours have passed.


Who Are the Ideal Candidates for Our Botox Smoothing Treatment in South Jersey?


Almost anyone with fine lines and wrinkles is a candidate for Botox injection treatment—but what locations can the procedure be performed? The most common areas include the forehead, the “worry lines” or “11’s” between the eyebrows, and the crow’s feet around the eyes. Further, the lip can be treated with a “lip flip” combined with dermal fillers, and neck bands can also be treated effectively with Botox.


However, it’s important that you temper your expectations—while our Botox smoothing treatment might seem like magic, it certainly isn’t.


Patients with unrealistic expectations for our botox treatments in South Jersey and expect to eliminate all their wrinkles are not great candidates for treatment. Botox works by softening specific areas of the face but not eliminating all lines completely. Although our Botox injection treatments are not a cure-all for age, they are nonetheless highly effective. Patients can expect an 80% softening of existing fine lines and wrinkles with treatment.

Dysport Injection Treatments in South Jersey


Botox is a neurotoxin, as is Dysport and Xeomin. While their names are different, these products have a similar effect. They temporarily paralyze the underlying muscles, which causes the muscles to relax and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the process.


However, these similarities do not mean they are exactly the same. Dysport injection treatments are useful for the glabellar lines, which are located in between your eyebrows. Compared to Botox, the Dysport formula will spread slightly more into your skin following the injection.


Xeomin Injection Treatments in South Jersey


As mentioned previously, Xeomin and Botox are both very similar. Their main difference lies in their chemical composition—Botox has an inactive protein, while Xeomin does not. Because Xeomin has no additives, it is considered a purer neurotoxin. Some individuals prefer Xeomin injection treatments over Botox for this very reason.


What Is the Cost of Botox and Filler Treatments?


Interested in the price of our Botox and fillers treatment? Lumiere Med Spa, Botox injections generally range from $8 to $12 per unit when given by a registered nurse injector and may be more when provided by a physician. This depends on the number of units and any specials, deals, or promotions currently offered.

Forehead Wrinkles Treated with Botox
Crow's Feet Treated with Botox
Crows Feet Botox
Glabella Treatment with Botox

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What Are Botox Hair Treatments?


A Botox hair treatment infuses your hair with a deep conditioning to make it appear smoother and fuller. Botox deep conditioning treatments do not utilize any harsh chemicals, are safe for all hair types, and can help repair damaged hair, among other benefits. If you’ve been recently experiencing issues with your hair and are interested in a Botox conditioning treatment, contact our team. We’ll be happy to explain the process and how it can help you regain confidence in your hair.


We Also Offer Botox Medical Treatments


Botox can also be used for a number of medical conditions, including blepharospasm, Bell’s palsy, migraines, and excessive sweating. At Lumiere Med Spa, we have extensive experience utilizing Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin for all aesthetic and medical applications.


For Botox Treatments in South Jersey and Much More, Call Us Today


Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa is home to the best cosmetic experts and aestheticians available, who specialize in Botox treatments for South Jersey and Bucks County, PA, residents. We also offer a variety of other cosmetic services that will rejuvenate your appearance. Visit Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa for laser treatments and so much more. Call now for more information on our Botox treatments in South Jersey or any of our other cosmetic treatment options.


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