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Laser Treatment for Acne

Pimples are a common problem in the teen years, and many adults struggle with acne as well.


In fact, acne vulgaris is the most common skin disease in the United States. Mild acne can typically be treated with a good skin care regimen and topical products.


Moderate and severe acne often require more aggressive treatment, however oral medications for the treatment of acne come with some serious side effects.

Doctors are turning to intense pulse light (IPL) treatment for moderate and severe acne.


The IPL works by killing the bacteria in the pimples, shrinking the sebaceous gland in the pimples and melting the clogged oil in the glands.

Patients typically require up to 4 treatment sessions for the best results. All skin types up to Fitzpatrick VI can be treated.


Acne Treatment New Jersey