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Various Skin Tightening Treatments in South Jersey

As we age, the human body naturally changes shape for many reasons. Oftentimes, these changes can negatively impact our looks and lower self-esteem. Yet, with the help of electronic muscle stimulation therapy and our other available procedures, your youthful appearance can be restored. At Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa, we provide skin tightening treatments for South Jersey and Bucks County, PA, residents that offer both improved body contour and fat reduction.


For example, the Endymed 3Deep technology we offer provides the most cutting-edge non-invasive body contouring and tightening solutions around. When it comes to skin tightening treatment in South Jersey, you won’t find anything better than what we offer at our clinic.


Kybella Body Contouring Treatment in South Jersey


Kybella is one of the many treatment options we have available at our clinic. It utilizes deoxycholic acid, a compound normally found in human bodies that naturally breaks down fat. During the Kybella body contouring treatment, the acid permanently destroys the fat cells to improve the appearance of fat under the chin. Because the cells are destroyed, they are no longer able to store extra fat. This makes Kybella a fat reduction body contouring treatment that provides long-lasting results.

Treatments for Body Contouring and Fat Reduction include:

Vanquish ME | Fat Reduction Treatment


Skin Tightening with Endymed Radiofrequency


Fat Reduction in New Jersey

Vanquish ME Fat Reduction Body Contouring Treatment in South Jersey


Are you searching for a non-invasive treatment option to remove unwanted fat? Then radio frequency body contouring is the solution for you. The Vanquish ME uses the latest contactless non-invasive technology to permanently destroy fat cells in the abdominal region, love handles, thighs, arms, and other regions—without discomfort. This radio frequency body contouring method has a larger treatment area compared to other procedures and takes less than an hour to complete.


InMode Evolve X For Body Contouring Treatments in South Jersey


The InMode Evolve X is a state-of-the-art body contouring system that provides the ultimate in versatility. Touchless applicators are used to administer a range of different treatments. These treatments can include muscle toning, skin tightening, and the elimination of unwanted fat.


InMode Evoke For Facial Skin Tightening in South Jersey


The InMode Evoke builds on the success of the Evolve X. The Evoke offers patients the ability to restructure problem facial skin areas. Especially good for tightening the jowls and chin area, Evoke is a great way to improve the appearance of a face without the need for invasive procedures.

Fat Reduction


Tighter Skin


Cellutone Treatment


Another non-invasive body contouring treatment is our Cellutone procedure. It’s designed to reduce the cellulite in your body, which are tight fatty structures you can see underneath the skin. The Cellutone treatment devices use targeted vibrations to improve microcirculation in a designated area. This results in improved skin texture, cellulite reduction, and removal of excess interstitial fluid.



Laser Lipolysis


There are a number of laser body contouring options available to improve your figure, and Laser Lipolysis is one of them. It utilizes laser technology to heat fat cells and damage their membranes, killing them in the process. Although you may experience some swelling and redness, there is very little downtime. Among our many fat removal and skin tightening treatments in South Jersey, it has one of the best recovery times.


Skin Tightening Treatment for South Jersey and Bucks County, PA, Residents


From electronic muscle stimulation therapy to laser body contouring, our clinic offers the best methods for fat reduction and reshaping your body. At Lumiere Pure Body MedSpa, you can trust that your cosmetic procedures will always be handled by a trained professional. Additionally, we also offer multiple hair removal and dermal filler treatments.


For more information on our skin tightening treatments in South Jersey, contact us today and schedule an appointment.