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Thread Lift

Smooth Threads Necklace Lines

A thread lift is a non-surgical solution for regaining your youth and beauty by lifting the skin.


One of the most predictable changes that happens to the face as we age is progressive laxity of the skin. This results in drooping of brows and cheeks, jowling of the jaw and the development of marionette lines. Until very recently, patients would require a surgical facelift to restore some youthful firmness when skin resurfacing treatments and injectable compounds are no longer effective.


But not all patients are willing or able to undergo a surgical facelift when less invasive options are no longer effective. If you are in this group, we are pleased to offer a new type of procedure that has been developed to address worsening facial laxity without undergoing a surgical facelift. We refer to it as a thread left.

In Office Procedure

A thread lift is an in-office procedure where specially designed sutures are used to produce a visible “lift” to the skin in the areas of laxity. The entire face can be treated with lifting threads,  including the forehead and eyebrows, cheeks, crow’s feet, chin, neck,  jowls and jawline and nasolabial folds. The threads have the effect of pulling the lax skin back, instead of removing excess skin with a scalpel as in a surgical facelift. 

Once the threads are placed and the skin is “lifted,” the threads have the added effect of stimulating collagen formation in the surrounding skin. Collagen is a key component to healthy skin. It is responsible for the strength, volume and suppleness of the skin. As we age, the skin loses collagen and becomes loose and wrinkled. The weakened skin can no longer support the weight of the tissue beneath. By supporting the skin, the threads reduce looseness and help prevent further stretching of the skin.

Advantages of Thread

There is an immediate benefit once the threads are placed, but over time, as the threads stimulate  collagen formation, patients will notice a continued gradual improvement in skin firmness and tone. Patients are unaware of their threads once they are placed and the skin has healed from the initial placement.


The advantages of a thread lift over a traditional facelift are numerous. Thread lifts are performed under local rather than general anesthesia. Recovery time is minimal with a thread lift and is typically two weeks or more for a facelift. Patients can return to work and return to their normal routine almost immediately.  Strong pain medication is rarely required for a thread lift.

VSoft neck Before and After

Thread lifts are low risk, with virtually no risk of scarring, bleeding or severe bruising. Rare complications  can include irritation and infection, which are easily manageable. Of course, compared to a facelift, thread lifts are easier to perform and are much more affordable.


Not all PDO threads are FDA approved. In fact, we only use the V-soft line, which is only one of two FDA approved threads.

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